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Hive Mind On-Demand

Let your business quickly compete and grow with an on-demand I.T. department at your disposal. Get access to highly trained IT staff ready to help your business leverage the right technologies and let products get to market quicker. So you have more time to focus on your business.

Hive Mind Membership

Make use of our membership plans to accurately predict and budget for IT costs. Let us help you get all your I.T. questions answered before you embark on any I.T. project. Reduce your labor costs and increase profitability. Have a piece of mind with I.T. decisions and let us handle all the tech stuff.

Application Development

Take your next idea and turn it into a viable product with our help. Let us do the heavy lifting and get your products to market quicker. Use any of our COTS solutions or let us customize one specific to your business. Or let us help you figure out how to monetize your current state and help develop new products.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Let your business embrace the future with dedicated solutions built using artificial intelligence. Unlock the potential in your business and see how our artificial intelligence solutions can extract more value from current day to day operations. We can provide you what you need, whether it be a custom solution or one from our portfolio.

Cloud Hosted Services

We’ve made going to the cloud easy, our solutions are specifically tailored for small business. Taking your business to the could is simpler than ever with our dedicated team to help you get there. Remove all the hardware and personnel costs. Reduce you costs and time to market and let us build your footprint on the cloud.

HiveMind Portfolio

Get to access to a portfolio of commercial off the shelf software(COTS), built to scale solutions. Let your business be the market leader. HiveMind Portfolio is an aggregation of plug and play COTS solutions ready to be configured and setup for your business. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Compete with the big guys, we help small businesses get an edge on the competition

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HiveMind Labs

At HiveMind Labs we are dedicated to building relationships with small businesses in the community. Our team of HiveMinds are here to build innovative solutions that help businesses grow and scale.

Let us manage and build your I.T. solutions, so you can focus on what matters most. HiveMind Labs provides you an I.T. department at a fraction of the cost of an in house department, without the burden of management. Make use of our knowledge and infrastructure to grow you business. Get ahead of the curve on the competition with us as your partner.



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